Connect your blog to Google Analytics and Search Console

Easiest Way To Connect Your Blog With Google Analytics And Search Console (No Coding Needed)

Author: Mary Ambrose, CPA/MBA/Blogger     There are a lot of free and paid SEO tools out there for webmasters, digital marketers and bloggers. But the most authoritative and accurate of them all are Google’s own products available to the public: Google Analytics and Search Console. As long as you’re the website owner or an … Read More ›

complete guide to master nofollow tags and links

Complete Guide To Add “nofollow” Tags And Links For Your WordPress Blog

Author: Mary Ambrose, CPA/MBA     If you are a new blogger, you’ve probably heard about the terms “nofollow” tags or “dofollow” links. However, you may not have mastered the intricacies of these search engine back-end attributes, yet. Most small online business owners including bloggers serve as their own webmasters, i.e., they have to know … Read More ›