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Author: Mary Ambrose, CPA/MBA



Why Android instead of iOS

I’ve been an android user for years, and I’m not planning to switch to iOS because of various application restrictions that iOS places on users.

Last time I used an iPad, I remember I couldn’t even install a storage space clean-up and maintenance app that’s world-renowned and trusted. I don’t know about you, but full control over my own device is not negotiable. So, I returned the iPad.


Why I’m done with Samsung phones

Samsung has been the only android brand that I’ve used from day one. Over the years, I’ve used Galaxy Note series, Galaxy S2 tablet and J7. Quite frankly, other than the tablet that I’m still using, everything else I purchased from Samsung has had all sorts of malfunctions and mishaps.

The galaxy Note 2 had an ingrained manufacturer’s defect with charging port that I found out the hard way the first year I owned the phone.

The next galaxy Note smartphone I had actually overheated while being charged in my car in late November couple years ago. The circuit board was completely a toast and the phone died right there while I was on my vacation!

Granted, I was driving to Charleston and the temperature wasn’t low, but I didn’t think of turning on A/C in the car in late November to prevent the phone from overheating!

My next phone was Samsung J7, a low-end and low-cost alternative because I was sick and tiered of having to replace my phone every year. Why pay $700 and above for something that will break in a year or two?

I purchased the J7 from Costco and guess what, almost right after the 90-day free turn period, the phone screen started to flash like a flash light when I turn the brightness lower. Just to clarify, I never dropped the device and submerged it in water before this started happening.

Yes, J7 only costed me $275, but for the phone to behave like that for no reason, it’s not even worth $50! Sometimes my coworkers saw my phone flashing like that on my desk and they would be like “Mary, your phone is freaking out!”

Yeah, not surprisingly, I’ve decided to stay away from Samsung phones going forward. Enough trial and errors for one brand. Not worth it anymore.


Why OnePlus 6

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Just a few short months ago, I stumbled upon a favorite You-Tuber’s vlog and he mentioned that he loves the new OnePlus phone he owns.

Well, that was the first time I’ve ever heard of the OnePlus brand. So I didn’t make a move at that time but it made a good impression on me.

Then I saw more and more other social media channels that introduced and highly recommended this phone. I was so intrigued that I visited a T-Mobile store (only carrier in the U.S. that offers OnePlus phones at the moment) and played with the device a little.

It was really cool, fast and sharp and I loved it! But the ticket price at the T-Mobile store is $580 if I sign up with T-Mobile data plan.

The frugal side of me wanted to wait and see if there would be additional discount offered during holiday sales events. Sure enough, an additional $100 limited time offer is given in November and December for OnePlus 6 on its official website.

And there you have it, I ordered a OnePlus 6 from here for only $479 including a protective case with a tag price of $19.96 for free.

So far, this is definitely the best smartphone I’ve ever used and here’s why:

  • Super-fast processor with 8G RAM

As you know, most laptops don’t even have 8G RAM, yet. This is definitely premium setup for the price.

  • Facial recognition sign-in
  • Convenient fingerprint sign-in
  • It’s water resistant
  • Dual SIM cards slot.

That means you can insert two different SIM cards at the same time in one phone. For international travelers that need access to local carrier data plan for a short trip, this comes in really handy.

I just wish I bought this phone before my trip overseas in November this year because my U.S. locked phone couldn’t accommodate a local SIM card while I was there. It’s not a good feeling not being able to stay connected while traveling.

  • Generous built-in storage space of 128G

Do you know any other phone that gives you this much space up front for this price?

  • Long battery life with alerts for battery draining apps

My days of having to plug in fast draining Samsung phones all day long are officially gone. Not looking back to that again!

OnePlus 6 also comes with built-in alert system letting you know which idle apps are draining batter life fast. That way, you can choose to “force-stop” them instead of wasting resources for something you’re not using.

  • Super-fast charging time

The charging cable that comes with the phone can literally get the phone 100% charged in just a little over 30 minutes. That means you can spend much less time worrying about battery life.

  • Smart setup system that allows you to transfer your apps and preferences from your existing phone easily

You can choose to transfer over everything by logging into your google account (another good reason to use android system), or you can place your old phone back-to-back with the new OnePlus phone, and your old content will be copied over like a snap.

It literally took me under 5 minutes to setup this new phone – very smart design and I’m impressed!

  • OnePlus 6 still has a headphone jack which allows users like me to plug in an old-fashioned headset instead of Bluetooth headset.

Mind you, the newer OnePlus 6T model, like many other new phones, got rid of the headphone jack. That’s why I picked OnePlus 6 instead.

  • Generous trade-in programs with T-Mobile

This year, if you trade in your older OnePlus phone, you can get the latest model half off. This makes me believe that you can get upgrades to newer models of OnePlus phones in future years for very low price, which is a very good continuing customer loyalty program.

I’m sure other mobile carriers in other countries will offer similar trade-in programs with OnePlus because they do have very proactive and ambitious market expansion strategies.


OnePlus device and accessories -


To me, the OnePlus 6 is almost perfect, with just one minor dislike of speaker volume not loud enough on default setting.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line android phone with affordable price tag, then OnePlus is really the way to go. I’ve done plenty of research before buying this phone and the actual device makes me happy.

On top of that, any OnePlus phone owner can also apply to be an affiliate. By promoting a product that you love and trust, you can make extra points if your readers do make a purchase through your referral link.

In that process, you also learn and apply affiliate marketing skills if you’re into it.



If you look up OnePlus 6 or 6T on YouTube, you’ll find a lot of well-known YouTubers giving good reviews for this model.

And I want you to get your $20 discount on accessories via this link when you buy the OnePlus phone through its official website.

I would recommend you to purchase a global version unlocked phone through its official website instead of through any specific mobile carrier because the latter will be locked and specific to that carrier. You don’t want to go to the trouble of unlocking the phone for international travels later.

The $100 limited-time discount is still valid at the moment when I published this article. So don’t miss the opportunity to score the best android phone out there!


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  1. I’ve been an Apple girl for so long but recently, I’ve been curious about about Androids. I use my boyfriend’s to take photos for my blog because his Samsung’s camera quality is superior! I’ll have to check this one out!

  2. Wow! Were you ever an Apple user? It always makes me curious when people don’t use Iphones just because they are so common. My brother swears by his android though.

    Natalie E

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