How To Prevent And Cure Depression Without Medication


Author: Mary Ambrose, CPA/MBA



According to various data sources, suicide rate in the U.S. has been on a steady rise over the past few decades. We’ve been hearing news about well-known celebrities committing suicide all over the world on a regular basis. Robin Williams and Anthony Bourdain are recent examples of how serious the problem is.

The real reason behind taking one’s life is usually overwhelming depression that just can’t seem to be cured. Now the question is, how do we prevent or overcome depression and keep suicidal thoughts at bay?

Some medical professionals might suggest prescription drugs to boost serotonin (a feel-good neurotransmitter) level in the human body. But why do you want to go see a doctor and take pills to feel happier? That’s totally unnecessary if you can find ways to stay happy naturally.

Continue reading for some natural yet effective ways to be free of depression year-round!

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How to prevent and cure depression without medication


First, let’s look at some major causes of depression:

  • Negativity

If you tend to see cup half empty instead of half full, chances are you might also focus on what you do not have versus what you do have.

Many people tend to compare their lives to those who, seemingly, are “better off”. Those who do not have fancy cars or big houses assume that those who do are happier and richer, forgetting that material possessions come with more debt, responsibilities and stress in most cases.

Some singles envy those who are married and/or with children, as if life is not worth living if single.  But at the same time, those who are unhappily married complain about how “bad” their marriage is and how little freedom they have.

For some people, there’s just never a shortage of things or people to complain about. That creates a lot of opportunities for dark spirits to project negative thoughts into their mind, which then perpetuates the vicious cycle.

When this continues for an extended period of time, eventually suicidal thoughts will enter and torment the soul day and night.

There’re always spiritual causes for every tragedy in life. Do be extra careful with your thoughts and words.


  • Selfishness and self-centeredness

Depression is rooted in selfishness.

If one’s sole purpose in life is to maximize benefits for oneself instead of others, then it’ll be an unending battle to be constantly on the lookout for the best arrangement or deal out there.

When one doesn’t get it, then of course the self-seeking ego will feel let down and depressed.

It’s never a recipe for success if you’re only looking out for yourself.


  • Disappointments and setbacks

Life happens. Tragedies such as loss of loved ones, loss of employment, illness, or even bad breakups could turn people’s lives up side down.

How we cope with hardships in life determines our mental and emotional well-being.

We can choose to dwell in the past and live in the downcast mental state, or we can choose to be strong and rise above the circumstances no matter what happened.

Just remember, there are always people luckier than us, and there’re always people less fortunate than us.


Natural Ways to Keep Depression Away:

  • Count your blessings everyday

Stop comparing yourself to others.

You may feel that there’re still a lot of areas in your life needing improvement, or you need more money to do what you need to do.

Instead, try to wake up in the morning and say “thank you” to God for the very fact that you just had a good night’s sleep and that you have the whole day in front of you to try and accomplish your goals.

If you’re healthy, thank God for that.

If you have loving spouse and adorable kids, thank God for that.

If your parents are alive and well, and they care about you, thank God for that.

If you have some money in the bank and roof over your head, thank God for that.

The list goes on and on because we can never take any of these things for granted. There’re plenty of people in the world right now suffering from hunger, poverty, civil war, family separations, crimes, abandonment, abuse, and anything else this human existence can throw at you.

According to, almost half of world population live on less than $2.5 a day. Thousands of children and adults die every day due to poverty and lack of food and clean drinking water.

When you put everything into perspectives, you’re blessed and fortunate to have the privilege of having access to this blog post and learn about natural techniques to overcome depression.

How many people out there cannot even afford to throw a pity party on themselves and whine about how little they have? They have to work their neck off to put food on the table.

And yet you’re complaining that your daily commute was too long, and the fact that you still have to work to pay off your student loan debt?

Well, be grateful that you got college education. Be grateful that you have a car. Be grateful that you have a job to help you pay off your debt!

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  • Forgive and forget

One of the culprits for dragging people down in emotional well-being and overall happiness in life is unforgiveness.

Holding grudges and not being able to let go of past offenses is essentially allowing other people’s mistakes punish you and get to you when you could have moved on.

Unforgiveness might also lead to accumulating toxins in your body which might lead to diseases. There’s a spiritual reason behind every disease.

If you want to get your prayers answered, and if you want to be a happier person, do yourself a favor and try your best to forgive and forget.


  • Talk to friends and family members

For most women, having long chats with BFFs is probably one of the best ways to help make us feel better.

If you have close friends to talk to and meet up with, then you should do that. After all, family and close friendships exist to support and help each other out.


  • Help those in need

It’s exactly because you have so much to be thankful for and so much to share with those in dire need, you want to help other people out with your resources regardless how limited they may be.

I currently work in one of the major financial centers in America. There are homeless people sitting in just about every bench by the bus stops in downtown area.

In the winter, you would see them all bundled up in thick blankets with couple backpacks right next to them. These are all their belongings in this world.

If you happen to walk by the homeless where you live, extend your helping hand by giving them food and drink, clean blankets or clothing if you will.

Do not judge them or anyone else less fortunate based on their state of living. You do not know what they went through in life. Help them instead.

I personally would find it hard to believe if anyone could still feel depressed after seeing extreme poverty and misfortune.

There’re a few meetup groups in my town that organize people who’re willing to join together to hand out food and water to the homeless. Find one of those meetup groups or other charitable organizations where you live, or you can do that yourself.

Remember, you help yourself by helping others. Not only do you accumulate “good karma”, you contribute to making this world a better place to be with your good deeds and influences.


It is a sin to despise one’s neighbor, but blessed is the one  who is kind to the needy.

— Proverbs 14:21



  • Set specific goals in your life

Nothing gets you motivated and lift you from depressive state more than a definitive goal you want to achieve in the near future.

For example, if you want to achieve financial independence, you may need to manage your spending habits better and get a higher paying job. As you know, it takes a lot of work to achieve this kind of goal.

When you’re busy and occupied, you usually don’t have much time to feel depressed. Instead, the adrenaline level will be high and you’ll get encouragement and sense of achievement when you do achieve your goal through hard work.


  • Break “soul ties”

Not everyone has heard of this concept. But soul ties are real.

When two people (man and woman in most cases) had romantic entanglement (sexual mostly), a soul tie is formed.

And when the couple broke up, the soul tie is still there. Ups and downs in both souls’ lives will continue to influence the other person for an extended period of time, sometimes as long as couple years.

This is one of the sources of depression that needs to be dealt with.

If it’s ungodly soul tie, meaning the man and woman committed fornication, then heartfelt true repentance needs to happen first before healing process can start.

Most people, especially women, would be in a state of melancholy after the breakup. But after realizing the real cause of the issue, it’ll be really easy to cure the depression.

Dr. RC Blakes is an expert on this subject. Check out his teaching on his YouTube channel here.


  • Exercise daily

One of the most effective and natural ways to boost your mood is good exercise routines which will increase the level of serotonin in your body.

Even going out and walking around in supermarkets shopping will help to generate similar results.

So don’t just curl up in front of your computer all day. Get up and start hitting the gym when you can.

You never know, you might even run into your Mr. Right in the gym!

If weather gets too nasty, you can also try exercising at the convenience of your home. There are plenty of space-saving workout machines you can buy from online.


Home gym equipment

Check out the specs of this home gym machine here.


Gym equipment for home

       For under $200 on eBay, this is also a bargain to equip your home gym.


  • Eat well

I’ve heard of a real story about someone who was planning on taking her life. She decided to cook herself one last good meal, so she went to the grocery store.

All the hustle and bustle from the busy shoppers and the atmosphere full of life captivated her right on the spot.

After she cooked up a storm and when she tasted the fresh dishes, the suicidal thought just left her like a snap because the taste and smell of life completely took over!

There’s a good reason why we have taste buds.

There’s a good reason why we can smell all kinds of delicious food.

This is part of what the human existence has to offer. Part of our journey here is to smell it, to taste it, and to enjoy life to the fullest.

delicious food also helps cure depression

Go to your favorite grocery stores and bring home bags of fresh produce and treat yourself with some delicious home cooked meals today and everyday if you can!


  • Sleep well

Most of us need at least 7 or 8 hours of good sleep every night to be functioning at our best physically.

When we go to sleep matters, too.

Because our liver starts to purge toxins out of our system naturally from around 11pm daily, it’s best to lie down and go to sleep by that time. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if you wake up in the morning still feeling not rested completely.

Don’t rely on caffeine to stay alert the next day. Try to have best quality sleep the night before instead.


  • Aroma therapy

What’s your favorite smell? Frankincense and myrrh? Lavender?

Whatever it is, treat yourself with fragrances that will make you feel blessed.

aroma therapy


  • Clean up your house and get rid of the clutters

Uncleanliness harbors unwanted spiritual atmosphere in your surroundings and will attract unclean stuffs, both in the natural and in the spirit realm.

Similar to how bugs and cockroaches hang out in rotten and dirty spots, unclean spirits might also find your residence a good playground if you don’t keep it clean and tidy!

Do yourself a favor and maintain your residence spotless clean if you can.

Not only is that habit a very good self-discipline, it also exercises your will power to get your life under control and leave no excuse for the enemy to gain one more foothold in your mental health.


  • Turn on more lights

You must have heard that the suicide rate is always the highest around the holidays.

Less sunlight and longer dark hours also contribute to the “holiday blues”. Why not combat that with more lights around your home?

Turn up the heat and decorate with more Christmas lights if you will. Cuddle in the couch with a cup of hot coco will surely help improve your mood as well.


After sharing this post on various social media platforms as well as among my friends, I’ve received a lot of good feedback. And I’ve already heard quite a few testimonies of people telling me this article helped them significantly in fighting their depression symptoms.

At the same time, some other folks told me that they need additional help fighting their more severe conditions.

I was fully aware that more advanced spiritual weaponry is needed for these more serious depressions. Get the free PDF for spiritual cleansing techniques for serious depression here or sign up below.


Life is short. There’s no reason to not live in the moment and appreciate all the blessings that you already have. We all have so much to be thankful for.

Think about ways you can help make other people’s lives better instead of just focusing on yourself.

Depression is an illusion. Our true state of being is peace and joy.

Follow the tips above and you won’t know what depression is.


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46 Replies to “How To Prevent And Cure Depression Without Medication

  1. I agree with this 100%! I really don’t think medication is always the answer! I do believe when we live a happier lifestyle, doing things we love, that includes working a career you love, people are tons more happier. Too busy being happy that depression doesn’t sink in. Happiness is a medicine 💕

  2. I’m commenting to let you know what a impressive encounter our daughter went through reading through your site. She came to understand too many pieces, which include how it is like to possess a great giving nature to get other individuals easily learn about several tortuous subject matter. You truly surpassed her desires. Thanks for displaying such helpful, trusted, revealing and cool tips about your topic to Ethel.

  3. It’s amazing just how much of an affect rest, diet and exercise can have on our mental state. I notice how my mood negatively changes even if i slightly deviate from my normal eating habits and my physical routine. I also notice that the only time i get sick is when i go a few days without a normal sleep routine which also has a negative effect on my mood.
    Great article…

  4. I particularly like helping others and exercise. Helping others give you so much joy and exercise is definitely the most underutilised antidepressant in the whole world.

  5. Soul ties… I haven’t heard it put that way. Very interesting to think about. Thank you for sharing these ways to prevent and cure depression without medication.

  6. Thank you, Mary! I like what you are saying. I think the key is to focus on what you have and what you can improve or create. Find and create your light and the darkness will become less dark and scary.

  7. I like your post. It is not to say that medication is not necessary in some cases, but it is not the only solution. There are so many great alternatives mentioned in here that in addition to or maybe in substitution of can be the “cure” or help for depression.

  8. Interesting take.. I’m a mental health clinician and also suffer from severe anxiety and major depression myself. I could definitely see a lot of these suggestions helping, especially prior to taking medications. If I have a client opposed to medication I even have them try some of these… Coupled with therapy. I like to see if these remedies help first and use medications as a last resort. I would also add therapy as a non medicated way to help. 🙂

  9. Lovely post. I can relate to myself. Suffering from PCOS and Hypothyroidism , I had suffered from this. What help me to get out of it was Regular exercise, more time in nature , eating healthy food, cutting out toxic and negative contacts, forgive, forget, setting goals, good quality sleep, gratitude. All this factors work together and I was able to lose weight which is hard with this disorders. Am happy you have covered all points.

  10. I like how your article presents multiple points of view on this heated topic. What I have never thought about before is how depression link to our ego. If we only find happiness when we serve ourselves, the moment those conditions are not being met anymore, we start getting unsatisfied with our lives. Good framing!

  11. Love all these. Eat well, exercise daily and getting negativity out of your life are amazing ways to just uplift anyone. It’s so easy you think, but to implement is the tough part. Thanks for the motivation today!

  12. I’ve had anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. After having kids, it got worse. I didn’t want to take meds so I started eating right and exercising and so far, I’ve been ok.

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